Faculty of Economics and Business

  • 22 Oct 2014

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The foundation of Faculty of Economics Business Universitas Brawijaya today is the Perguruan Tinggi Ekonomi Malang (PTEM). PTEM was founded by Yayasan Perguruan Tinggi Ekonomi Malang (YPTEM) on June 27, 1957 by Notary Deed No.26 dated August 15, 1957.

Since October 3, 1961, PTEM merge with Universitas Brawijaya and renamed as the Faculty of Economics. The name of Universitas Brawijaya was given by President Soekarno through a wire of the President of the Republic of Indonesia No. 258/K/1961 dated July 11, 1961. Prior to that, the University of Brawijaya was called the Municipal University of Malang. On January 5, 1963 with the Minister's Decree No. PTIP l in 1963, Universitas Brawijaya was inaugurated as one of the state university in Indonesia.

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Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya
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