Faculty of Computer Science

  • 27 Apr 2016

Official Site: filkom.ub.ac.id

Brief Profile

Referring to the Decree of Higher Education No.163/KEP/DIKTI/2007 regarding management and codification of Study Programs, Information Technology and Computer Science Program was established based on the Decree of Universitas Brawijaya Rector No: 516/SK/2011 dated October 27, 2011, which is a joining of two study programs (Software Engineering from Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science from Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) which have been existing in Universitas Brawijaya, in which the two study programs have similarity and conformity of substance as a discipline of science. Currently, PTIIK has three study programs, and located in former UB Polytechnic Building, the programs are:

  1. (S-1) Study Program of Informatics / Computer Science
  2. (S-1) Study Program of Computer System
  3. (S-1) Study Program of Information System

Based on the Regulation of Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education the Republic of Indonesia Number 4 of 2016 about the Organization and Working Procedure of Universitas Brawijaya, Information Technology and Computer Science Program (PTIIK) becomes Faculty of Computer Science (FILKOM).

Aimed to fulfill the need of professional human resources in the field of information technology, it is expected that FILKOM can bridge the interest of industry and professional community and acadmic interest. Therefore, a curriculum based on competence was formulated, in which aside from the core contents, there is also local contents that support the basic of applied knowledge and software engineering. It is expected that through the program, there will be graduates with competence, entrepreneurial spirit, and sufficient information technology insight to be able to apply it well in the society.


Faculty of Computer Science (FILKOM)
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