Convention Centers

  • 10 Jun 2013

Widyaloka Building

Widyaloka Building is a place where various student activities take place. It is usually used for:

  • Regional, national, or international seminar.
  • Important meetings such as official meetings.
  • Discussion
  • Studium General

Samantha Krida


Samantha Krida building is the biggest building in UB. In this building, many activities have taken place, graduation (diploma, bachelor, master and doctor) and contests, such as choir or English skill contests.



Student Center Building


Student Centre building is a place where various student activities or scientific seminars, student admission, contest/competition, student congress, book fair, and other activities.



Graha Medika Building


Graha Medika bulding is located in the Faculty of Medicine. In this building special events, such as meeting and wedding reception, take place regularly.