Information Technology Services

  • 08 May 2012

The followings are some Information Technology Services erikut adalah beberapa layanan Teknologi Informasi Universitas Brawijaya, info lebih lengkap mengenai layanan Teknologi Informasi Universitas Brawijaya dapat diakses di situs Brawijaya Information Technology Services (BITS)

School on Internet (SOI)

Long Distance Learning program through the interner using video conference technology. School On The Internet program is a cooperational learning program through internet among educational institution in Asia.

Information and Communication Technology Services (PTIK)

PTIK Puskom provide various trainings on computers, programmings, networkings, etc.

MCA Service

Microsoft Campus Agreement is a yearly license program aimed to fulfill the need from higher education institution. Microsoft Campus Agreement enable the education institution to follow the development of technology although supported with limited fundings.

Universitas Brawijaya has made an agreement with Microsoft Indonesia in legalizing the use of Microsoft software in UB.



Web Hosting Services

Web hosting service is provided to the official institutions in UB that publish sites contained information about the institution on the internet.


Electronic Mail (e-mail) service for UB academic society members. The service is currently consists of two kinds:
  • Campus Web-based E-Mail
    Official Email provided for lecturers, staffs, faculties, departments, work unit, and other official institution
  • Student E-mail
    Student Email provided for all UB students

IT Helpdesk & Costumer Care

Help center, information center, service form, and guides and manuals on UBinformation technology.

Internet Connection

Free internet access that can be used by all users in UB Intranet network.

Further information on Information and Communication Technology in UB can be obtained on BITS site(Brawijaya Information Technology Services)

Contact address for Information and Communication Technology service:
Unit TIK (Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi)
PPTI (Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Teknologi Informasi)
Universitas Brawijaya
Gd. Rektorat Lama Lt II, Jl Veteran Malang - Jawa Timur
Phone : (62-314 - 575878)
e-mail: ppti[at]