Selection and Guiding of National Olympics of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Brawijaya

  • 15 Mar 2011

Selection and Guiding of

National Olympics of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Brawijaya Level



A. Background

Globalization has alter the relation of nations in the world. Countries with good human resources might survive in the competition of goods and service in world market. That's why, in the long term education development, national competition skill become the main issue (HELTS 2003-2010).

Directorate General of Higher Education held the National Olympics of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Higher Education (ON MIPA-PT) as a part of the effort to prepare students to compete with other nations, starting on 2009 in the field of Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics.

Starting on 2011, the fields competed cover Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. The competition will be held in three phases, first phase in the university level to choose 7 best participants for each fields, Second step for regional level, to choose 50 best participants and third phase in the national level to choose 25 best participants.

To welcome the ONMIPA-PT, Universitas Brawijaya has prepared to held selction and guiding for students of Universitas Brawijaya to maintain its national achievement, toward international achievement.


B. Objective

B.1. General:

1. Accelerate the improvement of academic skill and broaden student's knowledge.

2. Give inputs for improvement of education in universities, especially in the field of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

3. Accelerate the improvement of quality and broaden the knowledge of lecturers.

4. Motivate the students to love Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

5. As a way to promote and increase the interest of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the society.

B.2. Special :

1. Perform selection on the participants who are about to represent UB in the ONMIPA-PT selection in Region VII.

2.  Perform guiding on the participants who passed the selection and will be sent to represent UB in the selection of ONMIPA-PT Region VII.


C. Participants and Requirements

  1. Participant is student from various study program of Undergraduate program (S1) semester I- VII, still actively recorded as the student of Universitas Brawijaya up to the time of International Olympics.
  2. Having recommendation from faculty leader in  Universitas Brawijaya.
  3. Having well mastery of the study program competed, shown by good achievement in the relevant courses.
  4. Able to read and write in English.
  5. Mentally and physically healthy.


D. Mechanism of the Selection

Selection will be held in Universitas Brawijaya and will choose up to 7 (seven) best students in each field of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics for guiding and participated in the Regional VII (Jawa Timur) Selection. Announcement of the selection on March 18, 2011 will be sent to each faculty and published in Universitas Brawijaya's website. Guiding will be held on March 19 - 25, 2011  


E. Rules of National Olympics MIPA-UB

1. Material of the Olympics

  • Material for Chemistry Olympics are: Anorganic Chemistry, Physics Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Analytic Chemistry.
  • Material for Physics Olympics are: classic mechanism, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, thermodynamics, and modern physics.
  • Material for Biology Olympics are: Chemistry in life, Cell Biology, Genetics, Botany, and Zoology
  • Material for Mathematics Olympics are: linear algebra, structure of algebra, real analysis, complex and combinatorial analysis, numerical analysis, and operational research.


2. Test Tipe 

The test of MIPA Olympics consists of two kinds of tests, short answer and brief answer test.


3. Fields of Test and Time Allocation

The test will be held on 1 day with the following time allocation:


First Session


§ Material I  (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Mathematics)

§ Material II



1 x 60 minutes


1 x 60 minutes


Second Session


§ Material III

§ Material IV



1 x 60 minutes

1 x 60 minutes


4. Board of Juries

a) Board of Juries consists of staff lecture of Universitas Brawijaya, which is in the selection and guiding coordinator and members appointed by the committee.

b) Board of Juries' duty is to make test questions and determine the appropriateness; evaluating and choose the student to attend guiding and selection for the next step.


F. Registration

Participants register by filling the form and known by Head of Study Program/Head of Dept/Dean, and submitted to the COmmittee of ONMIPA-UB in:  

Bagian Kemahasiswaan Rektorat Lt II

Universitas Brawijaya

Jl. Veteran Malang

Telp: (0341) 551611 ext 120

Fax 575813


Participant's registration : March 1- 15, 2011 (to 12.00 WIB) no fee


Registration Place : Bagian kemahasiswaan (Student Affair unit) UB Central Office, Second Floor

Selection :  17  Maret  2011

Test Place : FIA UB Building

Time : 08.30  - finish


G. Committee

      Responsible Person       : Pembantu Rektor III

      Board of Director           : 1. Pembantu Dekan  III

                                            2. Staf Ahli PR III.

                                            3. Kepala BAAK.

      Head of Committee        :  Dr. Agung P.W. Mahendra, MSi  

      Secretary                     :  Dra. Welmin Sunyi Ariningsih, MLib

      Treasurer                    :   1. Dra. Isnaini

    2. Susi Eryati

      Expert Coordinator        :  Ir. Ari  Wahyudi, MT

      Field of Physics              :  Dr. rer nat Abdurrouf      

      Field of Biology              :  Irfan Mustofa, MSi

      Field of Mathematics      :  Drs. Marsudi, MS                   

      Field of Chemistry          :  Darjito, S.Si., MSi

      Secretariate              :  1. Drs. Suharyo

                                          2. Drs. Zuchrowardi

                                          3. Ir. Tjujuk Usman Hadi

                                          4. Minyantono, SE

General aid                  :  1. Misnu                                                                                              

                                     2.  Kustiani

                                     3. Kasmat

                                     4. Firdaus Antanamus

                                     5. Mamat Rachmat

                                     6. Sunarko

Documentation                 :  1. Sudarmanto

                                       2. Yance

Consumption                   : 1. Kustiyani

                                       2. Ratna Farnifa

                                       3. Eni     












Bidang  :  Biologi, Fisika, Kimia, Matematika                            

1. Nama



2. Jenis Kelamin



3. Tempat & Tanggal Lahir



4. Alamat Lengkap











5. Asal Fakultas







6. Semester



7. IP Komulatif



8. Prestasi Akademik Yang Pernah Diraih




9. Prestasi Non-Akademik Yang Pernah Diraih



10. Kamampuan Bahasa Inggris



11. Orang Tua : Nama Bapak

                          Nama Ibu





Malang,                2011

Kaprodi/Kajur/Dekan                                        Calon Peserta




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*) Coret yang tidak perlu

*) Formulir dapat diperbanyak sendiri

The Form should be filled in Bahasa Indonesia

The form can also be downloaded below