Student Welfare

  • 27 Nov 2014

Activity Unit of Islamic Spirituality (UAKI)

An establishment for Muslims to do their religious activities such as discussion, review, training and seminar.

Activity Unit of Catholic Spirituality (UAKKat)

An establishment for Catholics to carry out their spiritual activities such as campus masses, spiritual jamborees, and celebrations of religious holidays.

Activity Unit of Christian Spirituality (UAKK)

An establishment of Christian students to carry out activities such as prayers group, routine basic art training, and camping.

Activity Unit of Hindu Dharma Spirituality (UNIKAHIDHA)

An establishment for Hindu to carry out activities such as seminars, workshops, Basic Leadership Training for Hindu Dharma and debate competition.

Activity Unit of Buddhist Spirituality (UAKB)

An establishment for Buddhist students to conduct activities in the field of Education, Buddha Dharma, and Community Sector.