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  • Pengumuman Perubahan Pintu Masuk dan Pintu Keluar
  • IAAS 2014
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  • IFS 2014

Healthy Walking Closed 51st Dies Natalis

31 Oct 2014 •  A series of events held to celebrate the 51st Anniversary of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) end on Sunday (26/10). The event closed with healthy walking which was attended by all family of FT-UB and the Board of Faculty Leaders of FT-UB. After walking around the Universit... (readmore)

Training and Education of Composing Official Document Generation III

30 Oct 2014 •  A number of 70 educational staffs of Universitas Brawijaya attended Training and Education of Composing Official Document Generation III. This training was held in two days, on Monday and Tuesday (27-28/10) in Batu.Vice Rector II, Warkum Sumitro hopes this training can be a means of socialization a... (readmore)
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