Board of Trustees

  • 20 Nov 2014
  • BLU's Board of Trustees (Dewan Pengawas/Dewas) is a BLU organ with duty to conduct monitoring on the implementation of BLU.
  • Board of Trustees performs monitoring of the management of BLU on the implementation of Business Strategic Plan (RSB), Business and Budget Plan (RBA), RKA K/L, DIPA and adherence on legal regulations.
  • Universitas Brawijaya as the Financial Management - Public Service Agency (PK-BLU) based on the decision of Ministry of Finance Republic of Indonesia No. 361/KMK.05/2008
  • BLU is an institution on Government level established to provide service to society in the form of provision of goods and/or services without prioritizing on gaining profit, and putting forth pinciples of efficiency and productivity in its operation
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