• 02 Jan 2013

Campus News

  • Prasetya (campus buletin)
    Online news site of Universitas Brawijaya, with various news on Universitas Brawijaya.
  • Events
    Index of event announcement in Universitas Brawijaya.
  • Information of Job Placement
    Official site of Job Placement Center, job placement institution for students, alumni, and public.
  • Information of Information Technology (IT)
    Site with information on information and communication technology (ICT) in Universitas Brawijaya.
  • Campus Announcements
    Index on various announcement in  Universitas Brawijaya site.
  • Scholarship Info
    Site with various informations and applications to apply for scholarships in UB.
  • Network Connection Information
    Information on network connection in Universitas Brawijaya.
  • SOI (School of Internet) News
    School On Internet (SOI) Asia is a project of utilization of satellite based internet aimed to provide cheaper, easier internet for universities on areas that are far from standar internet connection.

Information of Re-Registration for Senior Students

Information related to the re-registration process for senior students will be announced in Announcements.

Student Academic Information System

This is a link to the Student Academic Information System application. In this application, students can access academic services such as Study Plan (KRS), Grades (KHS), looking at class schedule, exam, financial information, etc.

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar
Calendar with information on academic activities of Universitas Brawijaya, such as the beginning date of new semester, date of final exam, etc.


Information on various facilities provided by Universitas Brawijaya.


Some services for communities in Universitas Brawijaya.


Electronic Book

UB Digital Library
Universitas Brawijaya provides various  E-Books and foreign journals that can be accessed in UB central library.

Information on students' life and activities

The followings are links to pages with informations on non-academic students' activities in Universitas Brawijaya.