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Selaso Jatuh Kembar Won 6 Awards in Thailand

Students of Civil Engineering Student (FT-UB) once again alma mater in Asia Steel Bridge Competition 2018 competition. This competition was held at Srinakharinwirot University, Nakhon Nayok, Thailand on 29-31 May 2018. The competition was participated by 15 teams from various countries in Asia such as Thailand, Taiwan, Mongolia, and Japan. In the second year of this competition, Civil Engineering is represented by Danadyaksa team, led by Dodi Rajendra P., Kushariyanto, Christoper Houston Giovanni, and Prima Adikasih with lecturers to guide them; Ir. sugeng P. Budio, MS., IPM., Roland Martin Simatupang ST., MT., M.Sc., Dr.Eng. Indradi Wijatmiko, ST., M. Eng (Prac), and Bhondana Bayu B.K., ST., MT. Carrying the theme of Traditional House of Riau Islands, they called their design "Selaso Jatuh Kembar" bridge. This bridge main material is steel is assembled by using a connection bolt with a design that resembles the roof of the custom house "Selaso Jatuh Kembar" with red and gold. The "Twins Falls" bridge is designed with a load of 300 kg with a deflection of + - 6 mm. Danadyaksa's team successfully completed "Selaso Jatuh Kembar Bridge" within 4 minutes 50 seconds, with a bridge weight of about 10 kg. Compete with teams from various countries, Tim Danadyaksa managed to show off as the only team from Indonesia who managed to penetrate the top 5 and reach the categories that are competed. The categories achieved by this Team include Aesthetics, Presentation, Structural Cost, Construction Cost, Total Cost, and Overall Performance. This competition is held once a year with different host different every year. In 2019, UB won the trust to host Asia Steel Bridge Competition 2019. "Alhamdulillah a pride can be a host, certainly the team from Civil Engineering Department FTUB will continue to improve the achievements ahead and prepare ourselves to welcome Asia Steel Bridge Competition 2019 with mature," said one team member, Kushariyanto. (mic)

Iftar Event of Faculty of Engineering UB Family

The family of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) once again held the iftar event and salat maghrib in congregation. No less than 300 invitees from Deans across the period, faculty leaders, department directors, heads of study programs, heads of academic supporting units, lecturers, employees, staff of Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP), and student representatives at FT-UB attended the event at Auditorium Prof. Ir. Suryono on Monday, June 4, 2018. The event opened with Qur’an recitation by the Winner of MTQ UB Student 2016, Firdausi Nuzula and Fasty Surya and continued by greeting remarks by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono., MT. “Thank you for coming to this event, hopefully, each of our steps will be blessed by Allah SWT and can improve the silaturahim of big family FTUB. I also want to give my high appreciation to Ust Khusnul Hadi, may tausiyah today provide benefits and can be a reminder to always try to improve our taqwa,” he hoped when opening activities. Little bit different to previous years, in this year’s iftar also given donation to three orphanages in the region of Malang. These three orphanages include Sunan Ampel Orphanage, Sunan Kalijaga Orphanage, and Al-Kaaf Jabung Orphanage in Malang. Approaching the break fasting time, participants get tausiyah from Ustadz Khusnul Hadi. In his preaching he ask the audience to always make the Qur’an and Hadith as a guide to life. In the event adjacent to Nuzulul Qur’an, he also reminds that in this month of Ramadan it descends Al-Qur’an as a guide for man and guidance to distinguish between the haq and the false (Surah 2: 185). He also conveys, to understand the Quran there are two methods. First, if it involves the ummul Qur’an, when discussing the issue of shari’a, aqidah, akhlaq, muammalat, fardiyah, or law one must use the salaf approach because the problem will never change. “If dealing with these issues, refer to Salafush Salih, but if faced with science and technology, then use the approach of khalaf, because in the Qur’an it is explained that science and technology always evolve,” he said. He also revealed some of the hints of science in the Qur’an, including QS. 84: 16-23, QS 33:40, QS 67: 19, and QS. 57: 25-26. He also proves that the Qur’an is truly divine and humans can not imitate even one verse. So many things in the Qur’an that we humans will not be able to imitate. There are many hidden covert signals, such as chain systems. For example QS 13 has 43 verses, QS 43 has 89 verses, QS 89 has 30 verses, QS 30 has 60 verses, and QS 60 has 13 verses. There is also a mirror system, QS 36 has 83 verses and so QS 83 also has 36 verses, and much more,” he explained. “The Qur’an has no doubt in it, the revelation of Allah SWT conveyed by the Prophet Muhammad SAW, described in the hadith. Let us make the Qur’an and hadith as the way of life,” he concluded before leading prayers maghrib in congregation. (mic)

Inauguration of the Greater Malang IKA UB Administrators

Ramadhan is a special month for Moslems in the world. The moment is used by Presidium of Brawijaya University Alumni Association (IKA UB) to inaugurate its administrators in Greater Malang on Monday (04/Jun/2018). IKA UB's General Secretary of Presidium Ir. Soelasno Lasmono, M.Sc in his remarks delivered that the organization is a serving organization. "IKA UB is one of the most that can not provide its contribution to the nation and state. I hope the administrators can run the mandate and keeping the good name of alma mater," he said.

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