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Industrial Engineering Students Introduce Local Pocket Coffee

Ground coffee has its own place in the hearts of coffee lovers because it has a thick and strong flavor. But in the brewing process, ground coffee leave a residue that for some people can lessen their enjoyment when drinking coffee. Therefore, four students of Industrial Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (TI-UB) introduce Grinder Pocket Coffee. Ground coffee that is inserted into a strainer bag (filter bag) so that it won't leave residue when brewed. "Such techniques have been commonly applied by some developed countries such as Japan, America, and the Netherlands. It also has already begun to be used in Indonesia. But it still not widely known," said the teamleader of Grinder Pocket Coffee Team, Apta Hadyan Sulistijo (TI-UB 2015).

Lecturers of Japanese Literature Study Program FCS UB as the Presenters in International Seminar

Four lecturers of the Japanese Literature Study Program, Department of Languages and Literature, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) became the presenters in International Seminar in Surabaya. They are Ismatul Khasanah, M.Ed., Ph.D., Dra. Ismi Prihandarai, M.Hum., Santi Andayani, M.A., and Hamdan Nafiatur Rosyida., M.Si. They presented their research results, such as Ismatul Khasanah, M.Ed., Ph.D. with her paper entitled Code Micxing of Japanese Speakers in Indonesia; Dra. Ismi Prihandarai, M. Hum. with her paper entitled Social Ecology in Ahmad Tohari's Project People; Santi Andayani, M.A., brought her paper entitled Hikayat Hangtuah: between the Myth and Fact of an Interpretation of Levi-Strauss' Structuralism Style; and Hamdan Nafiatur Rosyida., M.Si. with her paper entitled The Buble Economy Burst's Effect Toward to Generation Z in Japan Based on Wataya Risa's Install.

World Class Visiting Professor to Italia and Japan by Prof. Fatchiyah

One of programs to improve world rankings conducted by Brawijaya University is World Class Visiting professor which is well known as three in one program. Via Three-in-one, study programs are chanced to invite professors or professional practitioners from outside of Brawijaya University either locals or overseas. Many lecturers/researchers in professor and doctorate degree are more well known abroad due to their publication, research and other scientific writings. One of them is Prof. Fatchiyah, PhD, a lecturer at Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science Brawijaya University as well as the Director of Biosains Institute at the university. Fatchiyah is an expert on molecular genetics who focused her study in natural nutrients which are capable of controlling genes that cause disease in humans, named as Nutrigenomics.

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