Dalam rangka pemenuhan kebutuhan instrumen APT versi 3.0 dengan 9 kriteria, bagi seluruh civitas akademika UB (dosen, karyawan, mahasiswa) maupun masyarakat umum, mari berpartisipasi dalam menilai kualitas layanan di Universitas Brawijaya.
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Electrical Engineering Lecturer Teaches Energy Harvesting in India

The Faculty of Engineering UB continues to strengthen cooperation abroad. This time one of the Electrical Engineering Lecturers, Rudy Yuwono ST MSc, received an invitation from the Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India on 9-10 January 2020. At this women’s-only university Rudy became a speaker in two faculties, the School of Engineering and the Department of Computer Science, School of Physical Sciences & Computational Sciences. In front of dozens of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students Rudy gave material related to his research, Energy Harvesting using RECTENNA. He conducted this research with two of his colleagues, Ir Endah Budi Purnomowati MT (UB’s Electrical Engineering lecturer) and Aisah ST MT (Lecturer in Electrical Telecommunications Polinema). RECTENNA, or Rectifier Antenna itself is a tool to convert electromagnetic waves in the air into AC electricity and then converted to DC using a rectifier.

Prof. ING Wardana, No.1 Contributor of UB Publication

Always instilling a productive attitude, makes Prof Ir I Nyoman Gedhe Wardana MEng PhD became a lecturer with the highest number of SCOPUS scientific journal publications in Universitas Brawijaya, which was 115 journals. This professor of mechanical engineering shared productive tips on journal writing. The main task of the lecturer is to apply the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. Lecturers must develop concepts. Concepts or ideas can be obtained if you really use the time well. “As a professor, I have have not only to teach, but also research, dedication, being a speaker at seminars, meetings, and others. The way I can continue to be productive in writing is when I arrive at campus in the morning I will immediately sit at the computer, doing my work while thinking about what ideas I have and pour it into my writing. When writing has become a habit, this will become easy,” explained the former Head of the S3 Mechanical Engineering Study Program. He continued, the concept or idea is the main thing in journal writing. Then supported by scientific data in the form of theory and field data. The data is then used to verified.

FT UB is worlwide recognized

The vision of the UB Faculty of Engineering to become a higher education institution in the field of engineering that is superior in Asia has started to be realized. According to Times Higher Education (THE) The World University Ranking through its website www.timeshighereducation.com UB is ranked 1000+ from thousands of universities in the world. And for Indonesia there are only six universities listed on THE, they are UI, ITB, IPB, UB, UGM, and ITS. One indicator of this ranking is publication and citation. The Faculty of Engineering should be proud as the highest publicity contributor in UB. Beside, if it we display only the ranking table based on engineering and technology subjects, UB ranks 800+ in the world. This category highlights the universities that are leading across general engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering, civil engineering and chemical engineering subjects. This can be interpreted that the 800+ ranking is also the rank of the Faculty of Engineering in the world as a provider of engineering subjects in UB. Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Ir Ishardita Pambudi Tama, ST MT PhD, highly appreciated this recognition. “Alhamdulillah, of course I am very happy, because our efforts so far have received recognition like this and it proves that what we have planned so far has been on the right track,” said the alumni of the University of New South Wales. He continued, going forward he wanted to re-establish what’s the superior quality that we really wish. Especially in the field of international recognition. “So in the future we want to intensify international cooperation. Because sites like THE and QS are, for example, one way of evaluating international recognition indicators is by contact our partners abroad themselves,” he said. He also added that for this even semester there will be many students abroad will study in FTUB. If in previous years there were only non-degree visits, this year they would take credits here and the marks they got here will be adjusted to their respective university. This year students from Malaysia will take credits in Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Engineering. At present there are also students from Miyazaki University Japan who every year will take part in a double degree program in Electrical Engineering. “The definition os superior in my opinion is that we are sought after by people. The more they want to have cooperation with us, it will show our superiority. Inshaa Allah we will strengthen this in the future,” he concluded. (mic)

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