Coffee Lover, Won International Achievement in Malaysia

Coffee is the most popular commodity in the world. The coffee-drinking habit is very diverse depending on the culture of each country. There are those who like bitter,  sour, and even sweet coffee. Likewise in Indonesia, when hangout with friends coffee usually became the main dish. Even so, if this coffee drinking habit increasing excessively, it may cause a health problem. The content of caffeine in coffee has a negative impact on health if it's not balanced with a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the increase in this habit is accompanied by a low number in consuming fruits for the fulfillment of micronutrients in the body. Dealing with this fact, the BATACO Indonesia Team offers innovation in coffee products by extracting Indonesian tropical fruit (Mangosteen, Pineapple, Banana, and Soursop). This fruit extract is combined with Arabica Coffee. This innovation provides a solution for the coffee lover in meeting micronutrients in the body. This product can also prevent blood hardening (hardening of the arteries) that results in strokes, prevent heart attacks due to the effects of caffeine which results in strong contractions in the heart, and can improve brain performance in improving memory.

PECMAN Accelerates Sterilization of Mushroom Planting Media by 98.6%

Mushroom commodities are a promising commodity where the level of consumption is quite high both on a national and international scale. According to the statistical data center, the level of mushroom consumption in Indonesia reached 0.18kg/capita. In the United States, the level of mushroom consumption reaches 0.5kg/capita, and European countries amount to 1.5 kg/capita. This has become a great opportunity to make mushroom commodities contribute greatly to increasing economic development in the agricultural sector and the country's food security.

Chemical Engineering Students Accelerate Kefir Production by 75%

The development of the cow's dairy products industry in Batu City is quite potent in terms of the geographical situation of the city which is known for its various tourist destinations. Therefore, there are many milk producers in Batu City with various processed products, including kefir. Kefir itself is the result of fermented milk with a kefir granule (kefir grains) which consists of complex symbiotic relationships between various bacteria, yeast, and casein. Kefir can be separated again into a thick curd and whey which is liquid and runny. Curd can be used as a beauty and cosmetic mask, while whey can be consumed because it contains various benefits for human health.

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