PRASASTI Release Its First Book

In order to welcome democratic party in Indonesia, Governmental Science students at Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University organized a national seminar titled "Prakarsa Argumen Silang Tokoh Indonesia" (Initiative for Cross Argumentation of Indonesian Leaders" the seminar discussed about youth's important roles on Indonesian democracy.

UB Wins Program Asuh PT Unggul Awards

Directorate of Quality Assurance, General Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education re-organized an event so-called Program Asuh Perguruan Tinggi Unggul (excellent College Fostering Program) this year. The program aims to improve Indonesian higher education quality by involving universties with institution accreditation A. For the second time, Brawijaya Univeristy also wins the awards on Wednesday (5/Dec/2018) in Jakarta. This is the result for Brawijaya University in fostering private universities who still have criteria its study program has accreditation C.

MANG.ID Brings UB Students to Win Grand Prize at SIIF 2018

Brawijaya University students are returned to re-triumph in international competition. This time, the team consists of Naufal Alman Shafly (Faculty of Economics and Business), Yamamo Satrio (Faculty of Economics and Business), Febian Mahdatana (Faculty of Economics and Business), Mayasari (faculty of Economics and Business), Jufry Hariyanta (Faculty of Economics and Business), Ismelia Novitasari (Faculty of Economics and Business), Mathius Brein Andwika Sitohang (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science), Kevin Adiyasa Pahlevi (Faculty of Administrative Science), Jhorgi Hisamawa (Faculty of Economics and Business) and Anisa Fritri Ramadhania (Faculty of Economics and Business) were successful to win grand prize in an event named "Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF) 2018 in Seoul, Korea (6-9/Dec/2018).

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