Universitas Brawijaya has received various awards over the years. Some of them are:

  • 3 stars in QS Stars rated for excellence 2013
  • Winner of National Student Science Week (PIMNAS) XXI, XXII, and XXV
  • International accreditation of ABEST21 for Faculty of Economics and Business
  • International Accreditation, Institute of Food Technologist, USA, for Study Program of Agriculture Product Technology

Achievements by year:

No. Name of Activity Time Level Achievement
1 Scientific Writing Contest for Students (LKTIM) in National Conference and National Seminar of HMPTI Feb-10 Champion
2 Young Leaders for Indonesia Campus 2010 Feb-10 Qualify on Young Leaders for Indonesian Campus Program
3 Indonesian Bridge Contest Nov-10 1st on Most Beautiful Bridge Category
4 Indonesian Bridge Contest Nov-10 2nd in Category of steel bridges
5 Sports Equipment Design Competition Nov-10 2nd Champion in essay of Sporting Goods
6 Higher Education National Science Olympiad 2010 2nd on branch of chemistry
7 Scientific Writing and Journalism BPK-RI Jan-11 Second Place LKTM CPC 2011
8 Muri Records Award Mar-11 MURI record for the invention of the Hajj Candidates Trackers
9 Karate Pomda East Java Apr-11 Overall champion II
10 National LKTM Jun-11 3rd champion
11 National Level Achieving Student Jul-11 Big 16
12 Students Badminton Invitation (IBM) Cup VII Jul-11 overall champion
13 Tae Kwondo Championship Fiesta in Sabah Malaysia Jul-11 2nd champion
14 PIMNAS XXIV Jul-11 Rank 5
15 Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran XII National Student Jul-11 1st winner in the Hifdzil 1 juz female
16 Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran XII National Student Jul-11 2nd runner up winner in sab’ah qiraah and 3rd runner up in recitations female category
17 UI Faculty National Science Competition Jul-11 Champion
18 Choir Competition Internationaler Chorwettbewerb 48th 2011 Jul-11 Champion 2 folksong category and the only winner from Asia
19 Medical Scientific Paper Competition Sriwijaya Olympiad Sep-11 Champion
20 National Student Sports Week (Pomnas) XII Sep-11 10 gold medals for the East Java contingent
21 Animal Husbandry Scientific Writing Contest (LKTIP) Sep-11 champion
22 Pencak Silat Championship Inter Branch / Commissariat East Java Oct-11 overall champion
23 International Fencing Competition Oct-11 2nd champion
24 Football Championship in Indonesia Oct-11 3rd Place
25 Indonesia Water Rocket Contest (KRAI) 2011 Nov-11 Water Rocket Contest champion Indonesia (KRAI) 2011
26 Debate Competition Brawijaya (KDB) Levels East Java Nov-11 Champion
27 MITI Paper Challenge (MPC) Nov-11 Best
28 Pharmaceutical National Debate Competition Nov-11 Champion
29 Asian Young Entrepreneur designcompetition Nov-11 Contestant
30 Youth Organizations race KEMNPORA RI Nov-11 Second Place
31, Essay Writing Competition and Student Reasoning and Scientific Writing Institute (PAPER LP2KI) 2011 National 2011 champion
32 Kakang Mbakyu Malang Contest 2011 Mbakyu Malang 2011
33 International Institute of Food Technologies 2011 Rank 1
34 25 th East Asian Medical students Conference (EAMSC) 2012 Jan-12 International champion
35 Competition in the field of Cultural, Environment and Politics at the Asean Youth Camp, in Thailand Jan-13 Champion
36 25 th East Asian Medical students Conference (EAMSC) 2012 Jan-12 Best international speakers
37 Tapak Suci Martial Arts Championship Jan-12 Major champions
38 National Chess Championship “Petra Chess Competition Feb-13 Second Place
39 National Open Karate Championships Kumite senior men’s team event Feb-13 2nd Place
40 National Open Karate Championships Team Kata senior female Feb-13 2nd Place
41 (Mechanical Design Competition) Mechanical Fair 2012 Aug-12 Third Place
42 Competition Basketball League LA Campus Light 2012 Aug-12 Winner of the men’s team and women
43 Creative Design Competition (Mechanical Design Competition) Mechanical Fair 2012 Aug-12 Third Place
44 Kanji Cup Aug-12 1st and 2nd Winner of Chukyu (Kanji level intermediete) category
45 Ladder programming competition of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) 2012 National Level Apr-12 1st and 2nd Runner Up
46 Miss Indonesia 2012 May-12 Runner Up of Miss Indonesia 2012
47 Semarang University Choir Competition (LPS USM) All 7 May-12 Popular categories champion
48 Benron Taikai Japanese Competition 2012 May-12 Champion
49 Agroindustrial Fair 2012 May-12 Champion
50 Tapak Suci Invitation Martial Art Competition of Java Airlangga Cup 2012 May-12 III champion
51 Marine Innovation and Technology Competition (MITC) in 2012 May-12 Third Place
52 Days of Islamic Economic Revival (DINAR) in 2012 May-12 2nd winner in call of paper category and Busines Plan category
53 National Scientific Writing Competition at the Education Fair (PRP) May-12 Champion
54 Electrotechnical Creation National Competition XVI May-12 1st in Biomedicine category
55 2012 FE-UI Cup Futsal Competition May-12 Second Place
56 Food competition event held by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) in 2012 Jun-12 Third Place
57 Essay Contest in commemoration of the 66th Bhayangkara Day Jun-12 Champion
58 Indonesian Art Robot Contest (KRSI) Jun-12 Third Place
59 Junior Chess Championship Jul-12 Champion
60 National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) XXV 2012 Jul-12 Champion
61 11th National Student Art Week (Peksiminas) Jul-12 2 gold medals
62 Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) Competition Sep-12 Champion I and II
63 Subang Open National Boomerang Competition 2012 Sep-12 overall champion
64 Indocement Beyond Innovation Award 2012 Sep-12 Winner of Semen Tiga Roda-Writing Competition 2012 category
65 Balinese Creative Dance Festival Mahagotra Ganesha ITB XVII Sep-12 1st runner up and 2nd winner
66 Medical Scientific Paper Competition Sriwijaya Sriwijaya University Olympiad Sep-12 Champion
67 National Student Exhibition in the field of ICT (Gemastik) in 2012 Sep-12 2 Silver
68 Malang Traffic Ambassador Contest 2012 Sep-12 Best male and female categories
69 International Conference of Advance Science and Technology Oct-12 Champion
70 National tennis tournament competition Nov-12 Mixed doubles champion
71 Indonesian Student Scientific Week of Agriculture (Pimpi) Nov-12 Champion II and III
72 International Perisai Diri Championship 2012 Nov-12 1st Compulsory Weapons Female Group Category
73 International Perisai Diri Championship 2012 Nov-12 2nd Place Free Weapons Female Group
74 International Perisai Diri Championship 2012 Nov-12 2nd winner in Attack aversion female category
75 ASEAN University Games (ASEAN Level Student Sports Week) XVI in Vientiane Dec-12 Silver Medal
76 International Seminar on the 15th AAAP Animal Science Congress 2012 Awarded the Young Research Award
77 Java Bali Essay Competition 2012 2012 2nd champion
78 National Open Karate Championships Kumite 75 kg senior men’s Feb-13 Champion I and II
79 National Open Karate Championships Kata individual senior female Feb-13 Champion II and III
80 Regional Gokasi Karate Championship Junior Surakarta Mayor Cup Feb-13 Second Place
81 Senior Kumite Karate Championship Men’s Open Kediri Mayor Cup IV Aug-13 Third Place
82 Student Karate Championships Sebelas Maret Cup VIII Aug-13 3rd place
83 Female Senior Kumite Karate Open Championships Kediri Mayor Cup IV Aug-13 Champion I and II
84 Indonesian Inter-University swimming invitational (IRAUSI) Aug-13 Champion II and III