Board of Trustees

BLU (Badan Layanan Umum/Public Service Agency) is a government institution established to provide public service related to procurement of goods and/or services which is sold without prioritizing on profit and the activity is based on the principles of efficiency and productivity.

Dewas (Dewan Pengawas/The Board of Trustees) of BLU is an organ of BLU whose duty is to perform monitoring on the management of BLU.

Dewas performs monitoring on the management of BLU performed by the BLU executive officials on the implementation of Business Strategic Plan (Rencana Strategis Bisnis/RSB), Business and Budgetary Plan (Rencana Bisnis dan Anggaran/RBA), RKA K/L, DIPA and adherence to legal regulations.

Members of Dewas :


No Name Position Description
1. Prof. Dr. Ir. Abdul Latief Abadi, MS. Head of Dewas Universitas Brawijaya
2. Prof. Dr. Andi Pangerang Moenta, S.H., M.H., D.F.M. Member Bureau of Law and Organization of Ministry of Education and Culture
3. Drs. Juni Hastoto Member Former Official of Ministry of Finance
4. Dr. Bambang Purnomosidhi, M.B.A., Ak. Member Universitas Brawijaya
5. Prof. Masruchin Ruba’i, S.H., M.S. Member Universitas Brawijaya


Objectives of Dewas :

  1. To ensure BLU UB unit public service activity performed as stated in the BLU establishment objectives.
  2. To ensure flexibility of BLU UB financial management can be held accountable.
  3. To ensure all BLU UB obligations can be implemented correctly.


Duty of Dewas :

Dewas’ duty is to perform monitoring on the management of BLU performed by BLU UB Management Officials regarding implementation on Business Strategic Plan, Business and Budgetary Plan, and legal regulations.

Obligations of Dewas :

  1. Provide opinions and inputs to Minister of National Education and Minister of Finance regarding Business Strategic Plan and Business and Budgetary Plan proposed by BLU UB Management Officials.
  2. Report to Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Finance should there be symptoms of BLU UB decreasing performance Melaporkan kepada Menteri Pendidikan Nasional dan Menteri Keuangan apabila terjadi gejala menurunnya kinerja BLU UB.
  3. Follow the development of BLU activities, provide opinions and inputs to Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Finance on every issues considered significant to the management of BLU UB.
  4. Provide advice to BLU Management Officials in the implementation of BLU UB management.
  5. Provide inputs, suggestions, or responds on financial report and performance report of BLU to BLU UB Management Officials.


Contact :

Ruang Dewas
Kantor Pusat, Lt.6 Universitas Brawijaya
Telp : 0341-551611 Ext. 334
Fax : 0341-565420
Email : dewas-ub[at]