Diploma Program

The Diploma Program is a vocational education intended for graduates of secondary education or equivalent to develop skills and reasoning in the application of Science and/or Technology. The diploma program is aimed at preparing students to become skilled practitioners to enter the world of work in accordance with their field of expertise (Law No. 12 of 2012 – Regarding Higher Education).

Diploma programs organized by UB are as follows:

Diploma Study Program (D3)

  1. D3 Secretary
    • Secretarial Expertise
    • Public Relations Expertise
    • Library and Archives Expertise
    • Business Contract Regulatory Expertise
    • English Language Expertise
  2. D3 Travel Business
    • Tourism Expertise
    • Hospitality Expertise
  3. D3 Finance and Banking
    • Banking Expertise
    • Applied Accounting Expertise
  4. D3 Information Management
    • Informatics Management Expertise
    • Business Informatics and Multimedia Management Expertise
  5. D3 Computer Engineering
    • Information Technology and Computer Expertise
    • Visual Communication Design Expertise
    • Film and Television Expertise
    • Interior Design Expertise
  6. D3 Taxation
    • Tax Expertise

Diploma Study Program (D4)

  1. D4 Hospitality Management
  2. D4 Graphic Design

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