The 2nd International Conference on Chemistry and Material Science (IC2MS)

2-3 November 2019 at Savana Hotel, Malang




The International Conference on Chemistry and Material Science (IC2MS) is organized to provide an international platform for promoting mutual exchange between scientists, discussing innovative ideas in scientific research, and proposing solution on the contemporary problems through the application of knowledge that stem from research works in chemistry and material science. It is also a nurturing venue for students and young scholars to improve their scientific skills and networks. The conference is organized by the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Brawijaya University.
The 1st IC2MS was successfully held in 2017, with more than 200 participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Brunei Darussalam, and Australia with more than 40 universities/institutions involved as the presenter’s and/or author’s affiliations. Furthermore, selected papers presented in the 1st IC2MS was published in the IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 299 (2017). This achievement was great; thus, we are continuing this event biennially to build up a reputable academic habit and scientific community in Indonesia.
The 2nd IC2MS will be held on 2-3 November 2019 in Savana Hotel, Malang. The upcoming conference will cover not only in chemistry subject (Organic, Inorganic, Physical, Analytical, Biochemistry), but also promote papers in material science such as molecular structures, functional material, material synthesis and characterisation, nanomaterials and nano-devices, as well as renewable energy and fuel cell. This conference consists of plenary lectures by keynote speakers, parallel session (including invited speakers) and poster presentation. It is expected that this conference will be attended by 150 participants, with at least 50% delegates are affiliated with Brawijaya University, while the rest are expected from nationwide and worldwide.
This conference is important to be held as a good venue not only for academicians to expand their global perspective and to initiate collaboration, but also for people from government and industrial sectors to update their information with the newest research findings for their future research-based plans and policies.


2. Conference Theme and Topics

The theme of the conference is “Advancing to the Frontier of Innovation in Chemistry and Material Science”. The topics covers a wide range of chemistry and materials science, namely:

• Organic, Inorganic, Physical, Analytical, Bio-chemistry
• Functional Materials and Nanomaterials/Nanodevices
• Materials: Synthesis and Characterisation
• Renewable Energy and Fuel Cell.


3. Keynote Speakers

Keynote speaker 1 : Prof. Ibrahim bin Jantan (Scopus docs = 176; h-index = 25)

(Taylor’s University, Malaysia)

Keynote speaker 2 : Dr. David R. Turner (Scopus docs = 119; h-index = 29)

(Monash University, Australia)

Keynote speaker 3 : Assoc. Prof. Kenji Mochizuki (Scopus docs = 21; h-index = 9)

(Shinshu University, Japan)

Keynote speaker 4 : Akhmad Sabarudin, Dr.Sc (Scopus docs = 59; h-index = 17)

(Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia)


4. Invited Speakers (Non- UB)

Invited speaker 1 : Dr. Hendra Gunosewoyo (Scopus docs = 26; h-index = 11)

(Curtin Unversity, Australia)

Invited speaker 2 : Assoc. Prof. Apinpus Rujiwatra (Scopus docs = 59; h-index = 9)

(Chiang Mai University, Thailand)

Invited speaker 3 : Dr. Mohamad Rafi (Scopus docs = 19; h-index = 4)

(IPB University, Indonesia)

Invited speaker 4 : Assoc. Prof. Lee Siew Ling (Scopus docs = 87; h-index = 12)

(Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia)

Invited speaker 5 : Dr. Witri Wahyu Lestari (Scopus docs = 27; h-index = 5)

(Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia)


5. Important Dates

Registration (Online) : 1 April – 1 October 2019
Abstract Submission : 1 April – 1 October 2019
Early bird payment ends : 1 October 2019
Full Paper Submission ends : 10 November 2019


6. Manuscript Publications (peer-reviewed)

IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering (SCOPUS)
Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry Research (SINTA-2)
Indonesian Journal of Natural Pigments.


7. Further details

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CP : Yuniar Ponco Prananto (
Office : Jurusan Kimia – FMIPA, Universitas Brawijaya, Malang