Notification about RAJA BRAWIJAYA 2018 Official Informations

In accordance with the Universitas Brawijaya Campus Life Introduction activity called Almamater Exploration Event (Rangkaian Acara Jelajah Almamater / RAJA Brawijaya 2018) which will be held for the UB academic year 2018-2019 new students, we would like to inform you the following notices:

  1. RAJA Brawijaya 2018 did not and will not have any “Official Chat Group(s)” on any social media for the Universitas Brawijaya academic year 2018-2019 new students.
  2. All informations about RAJA Brawijaya 2018 can be accessed or interacted with only on these following timelines:
    Line : ( ID : @raja_brawijaya )
    Instagram : ( ID : @raja_brawijaya )
    Facebook : ( Fanspage : @rajabrawijayaub )
    Twitter : ( ID : @raja_brawijaya )
    Youtube : ( ID : RAJA Brawijaya )
    Website :
  3. RAJA Brawijaya 2018 did not have any cooperation with any parties, related to all forms of activities (assignments, carry on item, and others). Activities and assignment will only be officially informed through the Universitas Brawijaya official SELMA website


Malang, 09 Juli 2018