UB Students Personal Data Renewal

In line with the letter from the Ministry of Education and Culture numbered : 813/E.E1/TI/2020 about Pemutakhiran Data pada Pangkalan Data Pendidikan Tinggi (Data Renewal on Higher Education Database). We would like to inform that all UB students must renew their active student personal data up to class of 2019, for students from class of 2020, personal data renewal will be done on semester 2 registration.


The personal data that should be updated are :

  1. National ID number / Nomor Induk Kependudukan (NIK)
  2. Current address / house address
  3. House phone number (if there is one)
  4. Active Whatsapp / cellphone number
  5. Active email address

The personal data will be used to implement National Education Certificate Numbering / Penomoran Ijazah Nasional (PIN) and Electronic Verification System of Education Certificate (SIVIL).

Biodata renewal will be held on 25 November 2020 – 23 December 2020 on siam.ub.ac.id.

Such is the announcement, thank you for your cooperation.


25 November 2020

o.b.o  Rector
Head of Planning, Academics, and Cooperation

Heri Prawoto Widodo , S.Sos., M.AB.