Community Service

Description of the Service Centers in Universitas Brawijaya

  1. Community Empowerment Development Service Center (P4M)
    P4M Website
    P4M performs services of:

    1. Simbermas : Sinergi Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (Community Development Synergy), developing community’s potentiality in cooperation with regional government to improve the skill and the power of the community.
    2. Business Incubator :
      1. Management sevice consisted of education and training, guiding and consulting, business information,
      2. Determining technology model, system and technique of production, development of technology,
      3. Capital access Service: give out funding information and funding.
    3. Village Financial Development Program (P2KP) Grameen bank System, which helps housewifes to establish side job to help village economic.
  2. Natural Resource Development Service Center (P3SDA)
    performs services on:

    1. cultivation and tissue culture technology training. Such as: mushroom, orchid, salak, etc.
    2. Natural research based business Consultation. Such as: bokasi fertilizeri, holticulture, food cattle, etc.
    3. Production business: compost, golden teak seed, salak, etc.
  3. Technology Development Service Center (P3T)
    P3T performs service on:

    1. Training on: Planning, development and implementation of technology related to food and non food field.
    2. Consultation of the development of economical and technical goods and service.
    3. Informations on the source of technology used in business and industry world.

    For further info on Community Service in UB, please visit LPPM’s website: